March 31, 2000

Subject: End of Year Report

Dear Teaching Scholar,

Enclosed you will find a revised End of Year Report. This document replaces the previous "NSF/STEMTEC Teaching Scholarís Final Report 1999-2000" and "NSF/STEMTEC Teaching Experience Report 1999-2000" that you received with your award letter last July. Most of the questions are the same, but I expect that the new format will make it easier and faster for you to fill out. Although the completion of this report is one of your scholarship requirements, please understand that your feedback and evaluation is also an extremely important part of our program.

This End of Year Report is very important to us as it provides us with information for reports to the National Science Foundation, as well as information for revising and improving the Teaching Scholar Program. We will be contacting you if we do not receive the report back from you by May 1, as the overall conclusions made from the data collected is not as useful if we do not have 100% participation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you.



Johanna Rodrigues

Student Program Coordinator