Using Insects in the Classroom - UMass

The initial project was a semester-long course. The project now includes a new website, Picture-Tell broadcasts, an MCET and Internet distance learning course, and a display area for students in Fernald Hall. In the college course, K-12 educators get hands-on open-ended experiences with live insects used in public schools. Integrated educational units using insects but focusing on art, history, music, and mathematics are developed. How to use educational technologies, including e-mail, distance learning with PicTel and CD-ROM technologies are explored using insect related materials.
The following are also covered:

The comparison of the biology of the insect and its arthropod relatives to the human system and how insects impact society and agriculture is delineated. The course includes field trips, collection and projects. For more information, visit the Entomology Department homepage:
Key Words: College course, hands-on approach, Curricular Initiative
Contact: John Stoffolano 545-1046 stoff@ent.umass.edu

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