Amherst College, Greenfield Community College, Hampshire College, Holyoke Community College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, Springfield Technical Community College, University of Massachusetts; School Systems of Amherst, Franklin County, Hadley, Holyoke, Northampton, South Hadley, Springfield


STEMTEC is a five-year, eight-campus NSF-funded effort to improve the preparation of future science and math teachers. We are doing this, in part, by assisting faculty in revising their college courses to model the most effective teaching approaches. The first cycle of revised courses was offered in 1997-98 and the student and faculty response was highly positive. We are also trying to interest students in math and science teaching careers by giving them teaching opportunities as a part of their undergraduate experience.

We held a two week summer workshops in July 1997 for 42 college professors and 27 K12 faculty. A shorter academic year version was offered for 23 college and 13 school faculty on a three-day weekend plus three Saturdays in the spring 1998 semester. A two week workshop for 40 college and 14 K12 faculty was held in July 1998.

A one-week workshop for faculty at other Massachusetts colleges that prepare math and science teachers was offered for 40 faculty in July 1999. A second such institute is scheduled for July 16-20, 2000


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